Tech Dispatch

Terms of Service

No one likes to be surprised by a large service bill. Tech Dispatch believes keeping customers updated on where they stand is one of the keys to good customer service. Below outlines our process and how we communicate what your service cost will be.

When a service request is made there is a minimum one hour of billable time. If we schedule for more than one hour there is authorization up to the scheduled amount of time. A review of service tickets and scheduled time is available in the support center. If additional time is needed Tech Dispatch will send an email notification or make a verbal request for time. There is an implied agreement with the additional time unless we hear from you prior to performing the work.

If a customer believes the work should be a warranty or courtesy ticket they must declare this at the time of request. This allows a review by Tech Dispatch on if we can accommodate the request or agree with the warranty status. At times the warranty is the responsibility of a third party such as the manufacturer or other vendor and Tech Dispatch cannot warranty the work.

Billable time will be invoiced to you or be charged against your service agreement. Billable time is important to track due to possible overages on your agreement that can lead to additional charges. In some cases the type of work may not be covered under your agreement. An example would be project services when you have a maintenance agreement with us.

On-site calls are billed at a minimum of one hour. Help Desk and Remote calls are a minimum of one quarter hour (15 minutes). All calls are rounded to the nearest quarter hour. On-site service billings start when our technician arrives at your location and before they enter your premises. Billing time ends when they have left your location. We use start and stop times from our billing system for help desk and remote work.

All disputes on billings must be received within 15 days of when the work was performed. Tech Dispatch cannot guarantee all services will be perfect and free from defects. Some services may take more time than the estimate or additional issues may arise as we are performing services.

The customer is responsible to assure all data is backed up prior to Tech Dispatch performing any work. Tech Dispatch will not be responsible for any data loss. Some data loss or system corruption can be caused by viruses or hardware failures. Recovery of data, applications, or your operating system may not be possible and replacement software may be required to be purchased by the client.

Tech Dispatch understands your privacy is important. We do at times request and hold personal data on our customers while providing services or to protect it. Tech Dispatch does not share this information unless required by a court of law.

We also hold contact information such as names addresses email etc. Tech Dispatch is required at times to share this information with vendors, manufacturers and software publishers for subscriptions, sales or warranty registration.

Tech Dispatch websites do use cookies for authentication and to create a better web experience. Tracking cookies are used on our sites for marketing purposes. Tech Dispatch also uses email to keep our customers up to date of news, offerings, training and other communications. Our clients may opt-out at any time by clicking the opt-out link on our email.

No hardware product returns will be allowed after 30 days. A 15% re-stock fee applies to most non-defective returns. Some items can't be returned. You may contact our business center during regular business hours to obtain a return authorization number and instructions for the return.

This policy does not pertain to software licenses which are installed by Tech Dispatch but are subject to terms of the software license.

In most cases Tech Dispatch will require our customer to provide a deposit or payment in full to start the order process. In those cases where credit is provided all terms are Net 15 from the date of invoice. Late fees start on the 31st day and must be paid to keep the credit term account activated.

All home users, businesses and enterprise customers are being targeted for breaches, ransomware and scams every day. The attacks are many, becoming more sophisticated and can cause great damage and loss. Tech Dispatch recommends security products, solutions and procedures but cannot guarantee they will always prevent a security lapse event.

The management of your employees and staff on how they use technology is the your responsibility. Tech Dispatch can provide instruction and training but cannot be held responsible if an end user violates security procedures and causes a network breach, allows a security attack, causes a financial loss or violates security standards such as HIPAA, CMMC, NIST, PCI etc.

Tech Dispatch is not the manufacturer or publisher of any technology solutions we provide to our clients. Tech Dispatch cannot be held responsible for bugs, errors, defects or security compromises of these products.

Tech Dispatch uses a number of third-party services as technology solutions for our clients. These third-party solutions also run the same risk of being hacked or compromised. Tech Dispatch cannot be held accountable for any outage or security event from these third-party products.

Tech Dispatch provides products and services that help reduce the risk of you being a victim of a technology scam but we are unable to provide zero risk for our clients. Tech Dispatch will not be held accountable in the event a client becomes victim and suffers a loss due to a technology scam.

Tech Dispatch expressly disclaims all warranties and representations, expressed or implied, concerning the products including, without limitation, any implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability.

Tech Dispatch is not the manufacturer of any of the equipment or software you are purchasing. All warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Tech Dispatch will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damage involving lost profits.

Tech Dispatch makes a number of recommendations regarding computer hardware and software for its clients. Our recommendations are based upon information obtained by a number of sources including the manufacturer. Tech Dispatch cannot guarantee that all information is accurate and will work for the intended purpose. Tech Dispatch will not be liable to the client for special, indirect, punitive or consequential damages even if the party has been advised of the possibility of such damages.